Kauzekapp (maculine noun)

EN: tadpole

Kauz (masculine noun)

EN: odd bird, oddball, weirdo

Kapp (masculine noun)

EN: head [part of the body]



A personal blog about random thoughts, mostly preoccupied with academia (especially literary and critical theory), literature, pop-culture, speculative fiction, being progressive, and Luxembourg.


Me, Cosimo Suglia that is. I am a tattooed writer, a student, and sometimes an eldritch creature enamored of frogs and beetles. I have a bachelor’s degree in English literature, soon a master’s degree in Luxembourgish literature. Soon, I’ll be a PhD student, writing my thesis about the Luxembourgish novel from the 80s on.


Whenever I have time. Checkout my website, for fiction. Checkout https://anerwelten.lu, my online fanzine all about speculative fiction, which I edit.


Don’t follow me on social media. Or do, but at your own discretion.


Good question. Why not?  I advocate for a re-emergence of blog culture. I was too young back then. All I can read right now, is curated fragments of that early 2000s blog culture, such as Mark Fisher’s K-Punk, or the uncountable blogs of Simon Reynolds, or Ed’s Diary Archive by Ed O’Brien (Radiohead‘s guitarist). I encourage people to join; write longer texts that develop arguments and interesting thoughts, rather than the sporadic shouts so common on social media (not that I don’t enjoy those shouts, it’s something I do too, but I want to make this place more structured in it’s approach; here, on Kauzekapp, I want to articulate and convey the chaos in my head).

That is why I chose the image in my header; a Japanese print, where a hawk looks at a stream, much how I try to look at the stream of consciousness that floods my life…

The image used in the header is from the Rijks Museum. It is public domain and therefore free of use. However, I have transformed the image in the header and it is not free of use. You can find the original ‘Japanse gespen met verschillende motieven’ here.